Chainsaw opens October 11 in Cleveland

It’s an honor to be invited back to play at the now established and well-regarded Blank Canvas Theatre in Cleveland, OH. These are the folks that really brought our show to life like we hadn’t even imagined ourselves. And they tell us there are a few new surprises in store! I just wet myself. Wait, you, too?! We’ve got a lot in common.

Check out the notoriety Blank Canvas and their Artistic Director Patrick Ciamacco have gained in the past year:  The Theatre Maker, Ohio News: Cleveland Browns Les Mis Parody, Laughter League Video Goes Viral.

Chainsaw opens October 11 and runs through November 2. Godspell follows, natch. “Pree-eee-pare ye, the way of the…” (screams and chainsaw sounds echo through the theatre…)

So if you are in or near Cleveland this month (uh, yes, Florida IS just down the road a piece…), come on out and visit with us. We’ll be there October 31-Nov. 2, and we’ll most likely be doing some talk-backs after some of the shows. (“that’s not polite”) There is a special Halloween showing, as well as a midnight showing on the 26th. Plus, you can check out Chris’ new Hello Kitty tattoo, and Cory’s new inverted Mohawk. Such the trendsetters…

Rock on, brothers and sisters.

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