The following are reviews we’ve received from critics, as well as our audience members.  If you’ve seen the show, we encourage you to add a comment to let the world know what you think!

“The book, by Christopher Minori, is insanely clever, the music and lyrics, by Cory Bytof, toe-tapping and equally mad, with a few goose-bump-inducing numbers” – Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A daffy delight… filled with catchy, slightly gory tunes and rivers of blood.” – Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“A fun night at the theatre; some very witty dialogue.” – Kevin Thomas, the San Francisco Examiner Online

“(The show) was a kick. Liked the theatre, and especially liked the show. Before seeing the show, I had misgivings, I mean how funny could a chain saw massacre be, but it was a delightful production that had me laughing out loud.”  – Diana,

“4 Stars –  The show itself was a bloody fun mess, with catchy tunes and some very memorable one liners, every actor and actress had something special to add in their own way and not once did I find myself become bored. My only main complaint would be the sounds quality of the actors voices while they were singing, it would have been perfect if they raised their pitch up a notch, other than that I was very pleased with the show”  – AngeloH,

“4 Stars – After the great job they (Willows Theatre) did with “Evil Dead…the Musical”, I had to see how they could out do themselves with “Chainsaw…” I was not disappointed! Just a great, fun show! The cast is great!” – James Eversole,

“4 Stars – This was a great show. Very funny and entertaining. I am glad we didn’t sit in the splatterzone but we did get some blood splatter. What’s the best stain remover to use?” -Erin,

“4 Stars – Small venue made it intimate. Loved the tiered seating so i didnt have to dodge around peoples heads to see anything. I also opted out of the “Splash Zone” and sat in the second tier. …i would recommend it to anyone for an entertaining night out! It is the Texas Chainsaw be ready for the language.”  – Charlene D.,

“4 Stars – Really cute – we opted not to sit in the “poncho” seats (“splash zone”). The only drawback was that there was an awful lot (as in way too much) of raw language, but we really enjoyed the production.”  – Sue,

“It took a full year to get all the blood out of my wheelchair!” – Alana T., Berkeley, CA

“What a HOOT!  We had a group of 6 and we all laughed so much that we all hurt after the show.  Could become a cult classic.  Loved every second of it.  Bring it back!!!!” – Jim, Cleveland, OH

“…exceeded all my expectations.  Sympathizing with psychotic characters, or at least watching such honest portrayal of horror, has left me disturbed and sleepless for two nights now after seeing the show!” – Jenny, Cleveland, OH

“I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I figured it was going to be great or horrible. And It was AMAZING!!!! It was a pleasant surprise.” – Rhonda, Cleveland, OH

“The cast was spot on and the songs are incredible. Would love to get my hands on a soundtrack.” – Tweez, Cleveland, OH

“… the show exceeded all of my expectations and I thought the songs were really inventive and funny. Most musicals have a pretty slow/ Boring song but I never felt that way! The cast was excellent with some amazing pipes! Worth twice the $$.” – Bjr, Cleveland, OH

“…a fun-filled evening for those with an affinity for the eerily asinine.” – Bob Abelman, NEohioPAL Review

“I hope you know what you are getting yourself into…” – Composer’s Mother

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