Author Christopher Minori

Christopher Minori has always been a strange person. He claims he is just as God made him, although why God chose to add a vestigial tail is a mystery. Minori has displayed many different talents, including being an unemployed actor, unsuccessful director, frustrated writer, and scantily clad carwash employee (on weekends). His anthology, Dirty Little Secrets, has been hailed as one of
the great American novels of the 20th century, despite having never been published. Minori holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in computer animation, and when not writing, drawing or singing in the shower, he can be found huddled over his computer, pretending he’s Ralph Bakshi. In the “real” world, he is a software engineer, employed by a major network security company with poor hiring practices. Minori lives in Marietta, GA, with his wife, Brandy, and daughter, Isabella, and also has a daughter, Taylor, who lives in Vermont. They continue to tolerate his behavior.

Christopher Minori’s artwork, animation and writing can be viewed online at

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