Chainsaw Gets Rave Reviews in Cleveland 2.0

Ah, what fun we had in Cleveland. The land of William Jennings Bryant, Carmen Electra, and Martin Mull. And now home to an array of actors, musicians, masters of stagecraft, and an amazing director now made infamous by their stellar production of The Texas Chainsaw Musical! Better than elephants dancing, and clowns on parade. Better than peanuts and popcorn, and pink lemonade. Better than anything except being in love… With a chainsaw.

The reviews are in. Enjoy!

Eddy stabs Steven and blood splatters, photo by Andy Dudik
Eddy attacks by Andy Dudik



Splashing Rendition by Mark Horning,

Bloody Good Show by Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News:

Funny, Farcical Musical Bloodbath by Roy Berko, Cool Cleveland:

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